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Hi, I'm Jessica Vincent!
Let me help you build your business
Are you overwhelmed building your business?
Is there just so much content to consume?
Is your to-do list longer than you want it to be?
Is it hard figuring which direction to go?
You’re in the right place.
Here you will receive-
Help in finding your path
Support and reassurance in the decisions you make
Resources and roadmaps to guide you
Someone to believe in you!
I'm Jessica Vincent, owner of 90 Waves and the Facebook community Smart Women Building Businesses. I am building my own business finding clarity, making connections, and creating offers to sell online.
I want to find more women to help so that collectively we can make a greater impact in the world. I want there to be more women where all the decisions are being made. I want more women to be financially free. I want more women to have control over how they run their lives and what they do with their lives.
I'm here to build with you. Connect and let me know how I can help.
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Online Course
Build your own website

Start to Finish Custom WordPress Website. Step-by-step videos. Build a custom website from scratch. No technical knowledge needed. No coding or website experience needed.

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Group coaching
Help me as I go

I can help you build your business. All support and resourcefulness, no judgment. Let's get it done together. Let's make the life you've always wanted.

“ Jessica worked with me to improve my website design and appeal, create incredible templates for downloadable content, and even helped me broaden my reach by implementing a new blog and linking content to Pinterest and Instagram. She has given me the tools I need to successfully reach new clients! “

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STEPHANIE YODER, Braveroot LIfe Coach
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