Why just for women?


Why is the focus of 90 Waves for women?

I was at my best friend Cammie’s house and she had this sticker up.

(pic) Women belong in places where decisions are being made.

And I thought. YES.

Yes. I want that to happen. 

But how can I help make that happen?

I can help women build websites. 

I can help women have a place in the internet where they can help serve the world with what they do best. 

I can empower women who want to have an online presence by teaching them how to build their own website. 

I can help them have the control over their website so it can grow as they scale their business. 

I can help them make websites that allow them to make money so they can have the freedom to be at all the places to make all the decisions they want.

So that’s it. A sticker made me do it.

Besides that, as I’ve been working on websites for the last 13 years, men are all over the place. They fill the groups and message boards. They are everywhere. And I wanted a place for women and transwomen to have a safe space to ask questions and talk tech. No men, just us women. When I’m with Cammie I feel safe. I can talk about anything and she listens and helps with no judgment. That’s the space I want to create for women who want to talk websites for their businesses.

My friend Cammie is fierce and strong and brave and one of the best people I’ve ever met. I trust her implicitly to make decisions.

And, I want you, my new friends, to be making decisions too. I want to give you everything you need in a website to get access to the places where decisions are being made.

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